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RFID technology is not far away from us

Since Amazon opened the first unmanned supermarket AmazonGo in the United States, unmanned retail stores can be described as hot. For a time, retail giants such as Ali and Jingdong have entered the game. The reason why unmanned supermarkets are able to realize unattended, is relying on a technology – RFID technology. So what exactly is RFID technology? What is the current application situation? Xiao Bian today to explain in detail.

Detailed understanding of RFID technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is also radio frequency identification, also known as electronic tag live radio frequency identification. RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology. It automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. The recognition work can work in various harsh environments without manual intervention.

The “Communication by Means of Reflected Power” published by Harry Stockman in 1948 in the Institute of Radio Engineers laid the theoretical foundation for RFID technology. This technology began to appear in the mid-1980s, and with the maturity of large-scale integrated circuit technology, the size of the radio frequency identification system has been greatly reduced, so it has only entered the practical stage.

It is reported that RFID technology can identify and tell moving objects and can identify multiple labels at the same time, and the operation is quick and easy. Short-range RF products are not afraid of harsh environments such as oil stains and dust pollution, and they can replace bar codes in such environments. Long-range radio frequency products are mostly used for traffic, and the identification distance can reach several tens of meters.

How RFID systems work

The RFID system consists of the following components:

1 electronic tag

RFID technology is not far away from us
Composed of a chip and a tag antenna, it communicates with the reader through the principle of inductive coupling or electromagnetic backscatter.

2 readers

RFID technology is not far away from us
It is a device that reads/writes tag information. As a data acquisition terminal, the reader/writer also needs to exchange data with middleware.

3 antenna

RFID technology is not far away from us

It is a device that provides spatial propagation of RF signals for tags and readers.

4 Middleware

It is the link between RFID devices and enterprise applications, and it is also the core of RFID application system.

The working principle of RFID system is as follows:

The information to be sent by the reader is encoded and loaded on the carrier signal of a certain frequency and sent out via the antenna. The electronic tag entering the working area of the reader receives the pulse signal, and the relevant circuit in the chip in the card modulates this signal. , decoding, decryption, and then judge the command request, password, permissions, and so on. If it is a read command, the control logic circuit reads the relevant information from the memory, encrypts, encodes, and modulates it, then sends it to the reader through the card antenna, and the reader demodulates, decodes, and decrypts the received signal. To the central information system for data processing; if it is a write command to modify information, the internal charge pump caused by the control logic raises the operating voltage, provides overwriting of the contents of the EEP-ROM, rewrites it, and judges its corresponding password and authority. If it does not match, an error message is returned.