RFID card inlay could produce with pre-winding coil or ultrasonic embedding copper antenna, even FLIP chip etching antenna upon the customer’s requirements.

RFID Inlay

The prelim can be made of material PVC, PET with size 3×7, 5×5,3×8,4×8,4×6,2×5,2×4 or other customized layouts.


•LF 125KHz, HF UHF GLOBAL 860MHz-960MHz
•310mm x 468mm, Max. size 520mm x420mm, A4 210mm x297mm
•HF normal 0.45mm,0.5mm, min.0.3mm
•LF normal ,0.6mm, min. 0.55mm
•UHF 0.6mm, 0.5mm


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no touch

Laminating contactless card, tag


Automated fare collection, access control

Access control

E-payment and identification, chip:125KHz 13.56MHZ 860~915Mhz

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