wooden rfid card

Application of RFID Labels

Over the past decades, the theory of RFID technology has been enriched and improved. Active, passive and semi-passive electronic tags have been developed rapidly. Single-chip electronic tags, multi-tag reading, wireless readable and writable, long-distance identification of passive electronic tags, RFID adapted to high-speed mobile objects are becoming a reality. At present, the application fields of electronic tags include the following aspects.
Logistics industry: goods tracking in the logistics process, automatic information collection, warehousing application, port application, postal express delivery.

Retail business

real-time statistics of commodity sales data, replenishment, anti-theft.

Manufacturing industry

real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking, automated production.

Medical industry

medical device management, drug management, and HIS system.

Identity recognition

electronic passport, identity card, student card, and other electronic documents.


Anti-counterfeiting of valuables (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs) and tickets.

Asset management

the management of all kinds of valuable or similar assets, or dangerous goods.


Expressway toll management, taxi and bus vehicle identification, and management.


Freshness management of fruits, vegetables, fresh food, etc.

Animal Recognition

Recognition and management of domesticated animals, livestock and pets.


The application of book management in bookstores, libraries and publishing houses.


Manufacturing, Anti-theft, positioning, car keys.


Manufacturing, Passenger Ticket, Baggage and Parcel Tracking.


Identification and tracking of ammunition, guns, materials, personnel and vehicles.